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The Truth Behind Window Tint

The benefits of automotive window tint speak for themselves.

1. Better privacy
Oftentimes, you get stuck in traffic and come across annoying drivers that stare and scan the inside of your cabin. Let's be honest this is uncomfortable especially if you have children in the car. Simply avoid this scenario by installing a window tint on your car.

2. More peace of mind
Feel a little bit more secure leaving valuable items inside your car by having tint that make it more difficult for just any passer-by to see what you have stored inside your vehicle. If someone is still brave enough to attempt a break in there has been numerous times where the window tint actually holds the glass together and deters the would-be robber from fully breaking in. On this same coin in the event of a collision window tint can prevent glass from flying everywhere causing you or your passengers/children injuries. 

3. Healthier skin
Car tints block significant amounts of UV rays from entering your cabin. UV radiation is harmful to human skin, including your cabin’s upholstery.

4. Cool cabin 
Your cabin can get really hot after being parked for hours under the sun. The heat of the sun that passes through your windows gets trapped in the cabin, just like how heat gets trapped inside the Earth’s atmosphere due to the greenhouse effect. This turns your car into an oven effect that can potentially bake the plastic materials inside. Application of car tint can reduce the amount of UV and infrared radiation entering the cabin

4.5 Happier Kids!

When driving around on a hot sunny day heat and bright sunlight will add discomfort to your child, sure sunshades are an option however they are typically cheap, tacky and easy to break. Ceramic tint can aid heavily in this situation. Our Apex Ceramic tint boasts 99% UV rejection and 95% IR rejection with high glare reduction. The best tool to allow a comfortable car ride for your little ones. 

5. Reduces glare
The effect of light passing through a glass is called glare. This is a hazard to your eyes, especially when driving, as it could temporarily blind you and lead to an accident. Fortunately, tints help reduce the amount of light penetrating the window, which lessens the glare.

6. Helps bring your resale value up
Selling a tinted car will fetch a higher price rather than a car without one. Tinted windows mean that the buyer doesn’t have to spend more to have tint installed. It is a small thing that you can consider a good investment.

7. You don't have to go dark to benefit from ceramic tint!

Our Apex film comes in shades as light as 70%! If installed on a windshield, you wouldn't even be able to tell it's there. Thus, allowing maximum visibility while protecting you and your vehicle from harmful UV and IR.

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