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Dress your vehicle in the original Ceramic Coating. Engineered for perfection. 

Ceramic Coatings: Services

How is this different than a generic spray on coating?

You can't compare the two. Ceramic Pro coatings are premium products that you can only have applied by certified installers. Spray on "coatings" wear out very quickly and they typically do not actually provide any protection at all. Most sprays that are readily available to consumers are wax type sprays with some hydrophobic properties giving the illusion that you are applying a product similar to a true ceramic coating.  These sprays temporarily fill the scratches in your paint thus making it seem that you are removing defects in your paint causing a sleeker finish. 

Ceramic Pro Coating are applied after a solid paint correction is done where your paint is actually compounded and polished thus leveling out ridges in your clear coat and eliminating scratches. Then the appropriate Ceramic Pro Coatings are applied and bond together to create a strong sacrificial layer above your vehicles' delicate clear coat. This layer will last according to the package you choose to have installed. This allows you to keep your vehicle clean for longer with easier maintenance washes all whilst protecting your investment. 

Packages Price Points

Sport Package

6 Month Sample Coating

If you'd like to try out the product with out major commitment this is a perfect place to start. Starting at $400 for Compact Vehicles and SUV's larger vehicles start at $500.

Bronze Package

2 Year Protection

Welcome to the real deal. 2 Years of easy maintenance and protection. Up to 2 steps of polishing, Full Vehicle + Glass and wheel surfaces. Starting at $950 for compact vehicles and SUVS's. Larger vehicles start at $1,150

Silver Package

5 Year Protection

This is what it's all about!  5 Years peace of mind. Maintenance and protection at its finest. Up to 2 steps of polishing, Full Vehicle + Glass and wheel surfaces. Starting at $1,500- for compact vehicles and SUVS's. Larger vehicles start at $1,800

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