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Is your investment protected and styled to your liking?

Read along to find out how our protection, tint and ceramic packages can benefit you and your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film.

First things first, the number one thing that will reduce the value of your vehicle & heavily affect the appearance is road rash, scratches and rock chips.


With Rivian being an electric platform there is a lack of a grille on the front end of the vehicle. This allows for a very sleek and stylish design however all that extra painted surface area is now at risk of being pelted over time with road debris.


Luckily for you we offer various levels of protection using STEK paint protection film. This film is designed to take the impacts of day-to-day driving. It is self-healing and paired with its hydrophobic top coat there is no other film on the market that can top the quality of STEK Dyno Shield. 

PPF Packages

Rivian Bed PPF.PNG

R1T Specific. Your truck bed is going to be getting used. Loading and unloading your truck will leave its mark over time. Whether its scratches from leaning to reach something or items accidentally making contact with your paint wear and tear is bound to happen. Protect the bed of your vehicle and use your vehicle with confidence and peace of mind.


Satin BLACK Rivian.PNG

Vinyl Wrap

Make your vehicle yours with a personalized wrap. Want to stand out from the crowd? Choose from hundreds of colors. Whilst vinyl isn't as thick as PPF it does provide protection from scratches, lighter chips and other road hazards. Prices vary depending on material chosen but the listed range is for most colors. Specialty colors (like color shift) may be in a different price category.

R1S Price Range $3,450 - $3,900

R1T Price Range $3,350 - $3,850

Window Tint

Window tint does a lot more than just make your windows darker, in fact you don't even have to make your windows dark to benefit from tint.

We offer 2 types of tints "Pro classic" and "Apex". Both of these films block 99% of UV which will then protect your interior and you or your kids' skin from harmful rays.

Apex however also blocks 95% of IR, this means 95% of heat is being blocked keeping your interior and you cooler.

IMG-5890 (1).jpg

Window Tint Prices


Pro Classic Any Shade 2 Fronts $140

Apex Any Shade 2 Fronts $220

Pro Classic Any Shade Sides and Rear $400

Apex Any Shade Sides and Rear $700

Windshield Apex $475


Window Tint Prices


Pro Classic Any Shade 2 Fronts $140

Apex Any Shade 2 Fronts $220

Pro Classic Any Shade Sides and Rear $475

Apex Any Shade Sides and Rear $800

Windshield Apex $475


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