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The Truth Behind Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Read along and discover why it is a very wise decision to have paint protection film installed on your new, or new to you vehicle.

What is:
"Clear Bra"
"Paint Protection Film"?

Call it what you will, PPF is the strongest and best way to protect your investment. It is a very thick yet invisible urethane layer that is wet applied to the painted surfaces of your vehicle. This film then becomes a shield, protecting your vehicle from rock chips, scratches, UV, and other elements that would other wise have direct access to damaging your beautiful and delicate paint.


Will this film bubble, crack or yellow?

The simple answer is no. Our premium film is designed in a way to avoid all the issues that the early versions of paint protection may have had. However not all modern paint protection is created equally. Make sure the installer you choose to go with in the end is dressing your vehicle in a quality film.

How is this film cut to the shape of my vehicle?

Depending on the shop you go to you may encounter 1 of 2 ways to cut and install the material onto your vehicle. 

The first of the 2 is the old fashion way. We take measurements of the vehicle and cut out "bulk" pieces of PPF that are then strategically pulled, tacked, and cut in order for the film to conform to the shape of your vehicle.

The second method is by using a very precise software to computer cut the pattern that will then also be strategically tacked in key areas and stretched to fit your vehicle. 

We offer both methods at our facility. 

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