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Straight Ace Wraps

About Us

First of all thank you for looking through our site and considering us for your vehicle customization needs. 


Meet the owners!

     Hi, My name is Francisco Olague. I have lived here in Bend Oregon my entire life. Growing up I have always been passionate about cars, my father is a Volkswagen enthusiast so as a kid I was always helping him on his projects and spent a lot of my free time drawing Lamborghinis as they caught my eye at a young age. I admired the precision and attention to detail that the Italian Manufacturer is known for. I knew that whatever I would grow up to be that I too wanted to hold those standards for my work.  

Our Goal

I started this business with my now Fiancé out of my parents' garage, thank you mom and dad; Isabel you too of course. Since the beginning the goal was to serve our community and at the time offer the best detailing service possible. Quality over quantity has always played a role in how we go about our business.   

After a lot of years of hard work and dedication my business is what it is today. I strive to do the best I can, the best that we can. Honesty, Fairness, Dedication and Passion are key values of ours. Regardless of the vehicle whether it is a Honda Civic or a Mercedes S Class we put our all in our work.  Every client is as important as the last. 

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